Friday, September 08, 2006

Odds and Ends.

Momma got the new blogroll thingy going. It's furry nice. I can see who has updated their blogs so that I can just go look there and not have to go and look at efurryone on the list, which is good 'cause it was taking a long time and now I have even MORE people on my list.

Blogger beta wouldn't let me comment so I couldn't go say hello to Luxor who is a new Oriental cat in town.

The Almost Dad planted some kitty grass for me a few weeks ago and now it's up and growing and so there is a big pot of grass growing in our living room now. I kind of like it. Georgia thinks it's funny and Cheysuli doesn't get it. Yes, her teeth are better. She still has to take Auntie Bot X twice daily but she had her last dose of painkiller this morning. I guess she'll be back to her usual mean self...


The Meezers said...

you could always get your mom or almost dad to get her more and then hide it in her food so that she won't know she's taking pain killers again. oh, but that's mean. - Sammy

Hot(M)BC said...

You can comment on the new blogger thingies like Luxor's by clicking the dot by Other, then fill in your name and blog address, and the rest you just do as usual :)

Gemini said...

We were over there later, but when we were over there in the morning, comments must have been down because it kept saying page not found for us.

Patches & Mittens said...

You can come and visit Mistrie anytime. She does get lonesome all by herself, and if you are lucky, you might get a peek at Precious Flower.

Patches Lady

Luxor said...

Hi Gemini - Your message came through - thank you! Somehow Blogger needs to fix this so those on Beta and those not can interact more easily.

Anyway, thank you for your visit; I feel all puffed up right now because you said I was handsome. :)

Would it be too forward of me if I mentioned that you are an attractive lady?

Bye for now,