Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cat Chases

Okay, the cats love chasing each other around the house with the tree. They love running under the tree. They love to pull one of my handmade ornaments off the tree. They have jumped over and opened I don't know how many presents. I am thinking I need a fence, but they'd just jump over it.

On the good side of things I got down to my local natural pet store and got some new cat food. I wanted the Innova Evo, which is mostly protein and is supposed to be good. I saw it but decided that it was too high in protein for Georgia. It'd be hard on her kidneys. I got their regular cat food instead. We'll switch around with some mature for her and some of that for Gemini and Chey. The latest thing in feeding cats seems to be variety so they get a little of this and little of that and not too much of any one thing. So hopefully they'll never get on a kick and only eat one or two things! However, I might start having a hard time deciding what to purchase!

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