Thursday, December 08, 2005

First ski day

So it was Gemini's first ever ski day. No I do not force my cats to put skis on their little feet and join me on the hill. No, they get to watch me get ready and then come home.

The first unusual happening was how early I got up. Chey was already making noise but I suspect she wasn't expecting that I'd get up and go do anything. Then I had the ski pants. The sound they make when the water prrof fabric rubs against itself had them somewhat afraid of me.

The thing that really bothered them? Well upon returning home, instead of just taking my usual shower, I sat in the bath tub with but full of hot water. Both Chey and Gemini kept coming up to the side and with ears flattened would peer over the edge and then leave. It was kinda funny. I think both girls were appalled that I would sit in all that water!

Georgia? Well she's used to this. When she wants attention, she sits beside the tub and gets her head wet while I scratch her ears. She never seems to mind.

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