Thursday, December 01, 2005


It's Chey again making trouble. I had squash with dinner last night. After putting a pat of butter in the squash for cooking I left the butter out. When I came back, to take the squash out, the butter was gone. I thougt nothing of it. I just figured upon not finding it in the fridge that perhaps I had used it up. Coming back later I find the wrapper from a stick of butter. I think that I am a slob because I have obviously missed the garbage. I pick it up and throw it away.

Still later, I got to feed the cats. Bending down near their dish, I see beneath the edge of some cabinets a yellow stick. I look closer and pull it out.. It's the stick of butter I had pulled out earlier, rolled in dry cat food and anything else that was on the floor sitting there.

I know it wasn't Georgia, as there was a time when I could leave butter on the counter ALL the time if I wished. It's really unlikely that it was Genini as she doesn't really get that human food is food. Also butter is square and I don't think it looked like a good cat toy. Chey, skinny Siamese and Miss Piggy that she is, will eat anything that I leave out too long and has even tried to eat from my dinner plate once, is the cat I am blaming.

Note to self: No longer leave butter on the counter...

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