Monday, December 12, 2005

Holiday Safety

Well I have a fake poinsettia and the cats have tried to tear it apart, which reminds me that the reason it's fake is that poinsettias can be toxic to pets. Remember to be careful.

Other holiday hazards include that stuff you put in your Christmas tree water can be toxic if the pet drinks out of the tree stand. Tinsel can clog up a cat's digestive system. It also has sharp enough edges that it can cause some inner tearing of the stomach. There are lots of small parts that might be enticing. Ribbons and bows are great cat toys and you may not want them playing.

Gemini has found a new hazard that I haven't had to deal with before. She wants to play with the Christmas lights as they blink off and on! So chewing on cords can be a hazard which means making sure she is not unattended around the tree!

Most pets and holidays do just fine. But remember where the main haxards are and try and minimize them! Good cheer.

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