Friday, December 30, 2005

Gemini is Talking

Chey has taught Gemini to talk--or rather complain. Chey howls at me for food whenever I am in the kitchen and I am noticing that Gemini is starting to pick that up. She's still got her sweet little mew, but it does have tones. She is becoming increasingly less patient with me about the whole food issue as I try and wean them (Chey in particular) off of canned cat food.

Ah well, all children learn the bad habits of the adults around them. Why should Gemini be any different!


Glytch said...

I know what you mean! my cat is a lilac point siamese and he has a whole range of different maows for wanting different things.
I took him to stay at my girls place with her cats and now they all maow when they want food, the kittens never used to even squeek before!!

Bonnie said...

My first Meez was a lilac. Aren't they grand?

It's amazing how the other cats pick up the talking trick, eh?