Tuesday, December 27, 2005

What the Cat Got

One of Gemini's gifts was a toy with a bunch of feathers on it. Fortunately the packet contained three. We gave one to Gemini and Chey came over, swatted her, took it away and started growling and spitting as if she had a real live bird or something. Gemini moved back and sort of watched her, curious. Georgia too was curious. We finally gave another toy to Gemini but she continued to be more interested in Chey who continued to make a fuss.

After awhile, Chey got tired of killing the cat toy and moved on. They played with other things. Later on Chey stole the toy again and ran around the house meowing as if she had a real kill. The other cats were not impressed or fooled.

Today I came down and found feathers all over the house. The little ball that the feathers were attached to is bald. I guess Chey finally tore apart the cat toy enough.

Gemini, fortunately, also enjoyed the holiday colored catnip mice we got and has been happily batting them around. She's far less intense in her play time.

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