Wednesday, June 13, 2007

News around Town

I have two news items. First, Ayla has squamous cell carcinoma in her mouth so that's a bad thing. She is taking the news as well as anyone can take such news. But you might want to go say hello and send her some purrs.

Second Skeezix has announced the debate. He is taking question nominations for the presidential debate--go over there and tell him what you want to know about Chey, Cato and Skittles!


Daisy said...

I am sorry to hear this about Ayla. I will go see her today. I am thinking of my questions!

DEBRA said...

Oh no we wuz sorry to hear about Ayla. We hopes efurryfink will work itself out. We went ofur and let her knoos we wuz finking about her.

Questions...ummmm uh oh I will hafta to fink about this!

How is my sweet Gemini today?
Your boyfriendcat

The Meezers said...

we was so sorry to hear about Ayla.

Karen Jo said...

Yes, I read the news about Ayla on her blog. It is really sad, but she is taking the news very well.

feralone said...

Having just had a recent rescue lose both her ear flaps to squamous cell carcinoma, Ayla has my heart. I was told that Twirl may not be out of the woods yet as there may still be a tumor cell in the base of her ears. She is a pure white 3 year old short hair who was owned by someone who should have cared about the cancer concern but didn't. She is currently living here with hubby, myself and our 19 cats.