Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Slow Day for the Cats

So it was a pretty slow day for the cats. They did nothing really funny or outstanding. Chey has only about one more dose of medication (I hope) and she's getting better at taking it, or else I'm getting better at surprising her. They were all a bit worried when the condo association had someone up on the roof checking out the gutters.

This afternoon for awhile when I was home for lunch, they all curled on my lap (well okay so Georgia was on top of the sofa and Gemini was beside me and not on me--only Chey was actually ON me) and had a nap while I read for awhile. It was nice to have the three of them so peaceful with me.


Sustenance Scout said...

What a sweet image!

Bonnie said...

And it's even supposed to snow tomorrow.. all I needed was a fire in the fireplace!

Nice blog Sustenance. I'm impressed that you've not only gotten published but recognized and awarded online. Way to go-