Monday, July 24, 2006

Another Hot Cat

It was furry hot this weekend. Normally I don't stretch out as big as I can be, but I did this weekend. Momma tried to get a photo but I came running to see what she was doing in the other room. I can still follow her around.

She and the Almost Dad talked about a swamp cooler thing to get. I didn't think we lived in a swamp? It does rain alot here, but it hasn't been lately. Besides, where we are it is dry and I thought swamps were wet? Georgia says there are no swamp creatures in the yard either. She loves being outside even though it's so hot. Momma doesn't understand why!


Kukka-Maria said...

Oh, I'm sorry. When I saw "Another Hot Cat," I thought there would be photos of me.

Sorry it's too warm for you! Mom had the air off this was 80 both Sat and Sun. Perfect napping weather!

Ayla said...

You can always come over to visit if you want to cool off. The Humans have the temperature set a "icicles on nose" level. I don't understand how they can think it's "too hot" in the house with all the air conditioners on. Bah.

Hot(M)BC said...

I tolded Fat Eric bout this, but maybe you needs one too. A neck cooler to snuggle wif. Mommy uses one when she's furry hot cuz she gets sicky in the hot. Your Mommy could buy you one or even make you one! Here's a couple of links so's you know what I's talkin bout. Kool Off Stuff -- they even got a pet banana! (or however you spells that) and Ship Cooler.
~~ Sanjee

Wm. said...

Do you live in the desert, like me? We have refrigerated air, and I'm real glad about that, since even the smallest rise in humidity and a cooler doesn't cool very well. Well, that's what Mom tells me, anyway. I've only had refrigerated air all my life.

DEBRA said...

We lives in a air cooled house. I don't like it when Momma opens that special door and all the HOT air comes in. I don't think I would like it outside. ICK!


Patches & Mittens said...

Mittens does the same thing, gets all cute and Momma grabs the camera and then she walks towards her real fast, talking up a much for THAT picture.

You would know it if you lived in a swamp cuz there are gators there! There is also something called a "Swamp Thing." Kind of like our "Big Foot."

Patches Lady

Zeus said...

The heat is still horrible here too, Gemini. I don't know how those poor outdoor kitties can stand it. Thank goodness we can stay inside with the a/c!