Thursday, July 06, 2006

No more boxes

Momma got rid of the last of the main boxes yesterday. I won't have any more boxes to explore. I think this is too bad. There was a lady in yesterday who cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. My litter box wasn't changed though. Momma still does that.

Momma also went into the hiding room and moved stuff around so there's no longer good places to hide. This is too bad. There's only one messy room left and that's her office. It's also the room where I used to like to sit in the window, but she is looking around for a fun perch for me so that I can watch birds up there even without all the old boxes.


Victor Tabbycat said...

NO BOXES?!?!?! That's a disaster! Can you find a grocery bag to hide in for awhile? Maybe we bloggin cats can order you a new box from Amazon. A cat wifout a box is like... is like... I don't know, it's too awful!

Timmy said...

We gots some boxes in the basement where the big crickets live...too bad you couldn't come over and we could play hide-n-seek-the-crickets together!

Ayla said...

No boxes, eh? That sucks. Do you have a laundry basket? That's my favorite spot to hang out in. If you don't have one of those, try to get your mom to buy you a cat tree so you can look out the windows.

DEBRA said...

I bet you'll find a good hidey place...but poodins need boxes!


Zeus said...

I cannot believe that you have not one single box in your house. I think it is time you improvise. Listen closely:

1) Does your human pet use toilet paper? If so, take the rolls when she throws them away and knock them through the house. You can also tear those to shreds!

2) Does your human pet eat anything out of a box, say a frozen dinner, Tuna Helper, Hamburger Helper, etc? If so, look for those boxes to hit the garbage, then swipe them out and rip them to shreds!

3) Paper is a good substitute. When all else fails, should your human pet use the printer for the computer, snag some paper in your teeth and rip it to shreds!

All of these tactics are things that Isis does, and I would never do in a million years...ok, maybe one hundred thousand years, but still...