Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More Cheysuli issues

Cheysuli is mostly not in trouble any more, though Momma is keeping a close eye on her. She is hoping that if anyone has good information or web sites on cat behavior that they can let her know. She says Cheysuli is very dominant (duh! she wants total world domination!) and is getting to confident now that we've all moved.

Before, Georgia was in the house and then I moved in. Then they got Cheysuli and so she was sort of living in Georgia's territory. Now that we've all moved into the house at the same time, Georgia and Cheysuli and me are all staking out our own territory and Cheysuli wants it all.

Georgia is not eating enough for her age and Momma is worried about that. Also Cheysuli guards the door when Georgia wants to come back into the house like she's going to attack Georgia. She gets way close and runs with her, which annoys Georgia. I think it's kinda nice. Still, Momma doesn't like this pattern. She wants Georgia to have a long happy cat retirement!


The Meezers said...

Oh dear, poor Georgia. When Grampa Norton was not eating well, Mommy would give him food all the time while he was laying on his couch. She would also give him some baby food as a treat a couple of times a week.
As far as one cat trying to be dominant - Mommy usually just lets us try and werk that out ourselves. When Grampa Norton wented to the Bridge, Miles and me hit a rough patch trying to be "top cat", 'acause Grampa was alway the top cat. Mommy just let us figure it out, but it tooked almost 2 monfs. we is finally settling down. She says that each time her and daddy moved, trixie and norton and ralphie would go frough the same fing wif testing to see who would be the dominant cat.

Emma's Kat said...

Gemini, Maybe you could talk to Chey. I'm sure the 3 of you can work it out.

Btw, Bonnie(momma to the kits:)) - I would love to post your kitties on Kat's Cat of the Day!! Come visit us there and you can find my email there or on my profile. Always looking for beautiful...and handsome kitties to post!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

I can relate to poor Georgia! Victor pounces me alla time. Mom recommends Cat vs Cat (you can get it in the Amazon or the Barns wif No Bul). It's good. When you see Chey stalking Georgia, they recommend distracting her wif a play session or treat.

DEBRA said...

Good luck to your Momma Gemini!
Abby still likes to be TOP CAT and she really is. But I have noticed that she only tries to dominant the girls (boo & Gracie), she can't bully the boys around and they don't even notice her fussing at them. I try to just them sort it out amongst themselves. Anytime I tried to intervene it only made things worse, because Abby would defend me even harder.


George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Sorry about the late posting, but have you tried feeding Georgia in a separate room so she can eat without feeling pressured? Is there anything she really likes that you know she'll eat? Re. Chey's dominance, one cat in a multi-cat family will always emerge as the Alpha cat, regardless of seniority. It's up to you to make sure it stays just dominance, not agression. Believe me, they know when they're out of line and will respond to proper response from you.

Crews' Mom