Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Momma was too busy...

Oh so Kukka-Maria got out of jail. I was furry happy about this. It was a long day marching and holding signs. My paws are furry tired. Momma was gone all day so she wasn't home to give me a hug after my hard day on the picket line!

She said she had to work but I had to work too and I wanted to tell her all about it. She wasn't happy then when I tried to talk to her about it before the alarm went off either! Oh well. At least we succeeded!

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The Meezers said...

yes, I am furry glad that Kukka is out of jail too. Sammy gotted mad at me for screaming "free kukka now" all afternoon. and then mommy camed home from werk and sawed where sammy and i rassled in the living room and efurryfing was off all the tables an on the floor. so she said she hadded to werk some more to put efurryfing back. - Miles