Monday, November 27, 2006

Maybe I'll go skiing!

Momma always says I am furry nosy whenever the carrier comes out. Here I am smelling it. She only had it out for a moment 'cause she was starting to get out some of the Christmas decorations. She said we'd decorate next weekend probably.

There is snow here today. She was happy. Snoqualmie has been open on a limited basis and so has Stevens but she hasn't gotten to go up yet. She said maybe next week and she is looking forward to it. She has too much to do this week though. I like it when she skis, 'cause then she comes home and is cold and tired and I can snuggle with her and let her get warmed up!


Anonymous said...

Snuggling is my fafurrite. My mommy decorated this past weekend and so I have been playin' in and around the tree and it is FUN.

I only saw snow one time, it was last February. My mommy says we don't get much snow.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

yur extra snuggly fluffy - purrfect fur cuddlin'!

we wuz readin' yur preveeus posts an we gotta ask...what's a lens?

Anonymous said...

Cuddling and snuggling *is nice, because then all that body warmth is shared and doesn't go to waste!

Lone Star Purrs said...

That's what we do when Momma gets home from skiing!! She wented *TWICW* this weekend...and didn't get hurted!! Our indoor tree is up and partway decorated....we already knocked an ornament off it! Heehee!!

Anonymous said...

I love cuddling and snuggling. I don't have any fur, so I like to curl up next to a nice, warm human. I don't think I'd like it much if my human came home cold!

Thank you for the offer to help keep me warm. :) My humans are very smart, and have provided me with lots of warm, snuggly beds and blankets, and they are nice and warm themselves.

There are so many nice cats with blogs! I'm very happy to be meeting so many. :)

DEBRA said...

My purrty Gemini

I would like to snuggle up wif yu by the warm fire...yur furrs is so boo-tee-full and flufferious!

Momma and Daddy put out all kinds of christmas stuffs. Inside and outside. We sat and watched as they did all kinds of finks. The front of the house is all lighted up now. It's almost like it's daytime at night! We has a reindeer in the front yard!

Yu needs to come ofur and see!

Be sweet my purrty Gemini
Yur boyfriendcat

Eric and Flynn said...

Snuggling is gud, but we don't get furry much snow heer, but we still snuggles.

Carmen said...

Zeus is the reason for the season! Always nice visiting you cats. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh your mom is very lucky that she can go skiing easily. I used to love when the People went skiing when we lived in Massachusetts. They keep saying they'll go again but they only have the Poke Your Nose Mountains in PA. I love the snow on the skis when they come back!


Anonymous said...

I am liking snuggling a bit better right now. It got pretty cold here and we have a bit of snow on teh ground! Brrrr!