Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekend Report

Momma slept in and so did we. I liked the cuddle time. Then she went shopping so I napped some more and killed some invisible bugs. I attacked the bathtub for no reason. Well there was a reason--it's an evil, wicked bathtub and I had to strike first!

Sunday Georgia chased Cheysuli around. Then Cheysuli chased me around. Momma decided Georgia needed more fluids, although she is doing well. So we all sat around and watched Georgia get fluids under her skin. Momma found it worked much easier to get on the bed with Georgia and give fluids rather than taking her to the bathroom where she hangs the fluids. The Almost Dad held onto the bag and opened and closed the flow. Georgia sat very still and was much more comfortable than she is when she's being held in the bathroom. I wonder if something bad happened to her in the bathroom?

Momma was gone so much and for so long this weekend that I hardly got to work online at all! When she was home, Cheysuli was hogging the 'puter! She is such a computer hog. I need my own!


Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

I'm with Georgia - the bathroom is a scarey place. That's ware they stik me in the sink and git me wet to wash the sqwirty sqwishy poop off my paws. I HATE that room!!!

The Meezers said...

the bafroom in our house is ok - it's got a really cool heater in there that makes it all really warm on the cold mornings. you should gets your own puter. we should all haf our own puters.

Gemini said...

Oh you are right Sammy and Miles--we should all get our own computers. Maybe we can take up a charity collection for all the cats who need computers?

DEBRA said...

Oh my furry purrty Gemini

I wuz lookin and lookin at da photo of yu way up high. I would be ever so nice to be sittin up der wif yu. I love to get way up high too. Momma always comes and chases me down. But, I keep tryin to tell her I like being up high where I can see finks.

Yu look so purrty wif yur bee-too-full furs!

Yur boyfriendcat

Latte said...

Good job with hunting the "invisible" bugs. They really are there, the people just can't see them. And the bathtub is big and BAD because there is WATER in there!

Ayla said...

To me, the bathtub is just one giant water dish. I like to jump in after the Mom or the Dad takes a shower 'cause the water is nice and fresh.

Oh and I think there should be a law that requires all kitties to have their own computers. The Mom still won't get me one of my own.

THE ZOO said...

we took selena in the bedroom an while sisfur held her in 1 place but not holding her down, momma held the bag up and turned it on & off. and she shut her door and she has the plastics that stick to the door on the back of the door and she could hang the bag there. the beds close to the door.