Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Get to Go Shopping!

Momma said we would go online later tonight or tomorrow and go shopping for our Secret Paw pal so that we can send something out. Yeah. I was the one who most wanted to do Secret Paws so that I get the most input. Georgia wasn't at all interested, but then she likes to sleep a lot. Cheysuli does get to pick something out but she wasn't as excited about the Secret Paw thing. She just never gets as excited about something, unless it's a feather toy or food!

Oh but Chey is coming up with a contest for her blog so keep an eye out. We'll probably be announcing it in a couple of weeks! It's for efurryone! YEAH!

The snow is gone, mostly so that it's not so mucky out. Georgia still hasn't gone out since the Almost Dad forgot about her. I don't blame her. She gets to go to the homeopathic vet on Monday to see what they can do for her. Momma is pretty happy with how her body is handling the disease but we are hoping to lengthen her life a bit or at least the time that she has quality of life. The other vet said two to six months and I think we are going on two and a half already.


The Meezers said...

i wish that mommy would go online shopping wif us - but she wants to go to petsmart for the secret paws gifties - and we doesn't like to go outside. oh well.

we hopes that the homeopathic v-e-t can do somefing for Miss Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Shopping - fun!

You're certainly welcome to teleport over and snuggle with us; we love snuggly visitors!

Best wishes for Georgia (and a miracle) ...

Millie said...

Give Georgia my love and tell her I'm pulling for her.

I have made list for the Lady for my Secret Paw. I have been supervising. I don't let her pick me up, so I'm sure I won't be going shopping with her. But we can shop online together. We may do that.

DEBRA said...

Gud morning my sweet Gemini

My Momma has already been shoppin fur our secret paw. She had a few finks put aside. I wanted to play wif em but she said "no Ping, these are fur our secret paw" I just got a sniff of 'em.

Hopes yu enjoy shoppin wif yur Momma online.

It is gud to hear that Miss Georgia is doin' fine. We worries 'bout her. I don't blame her bout not wantin to go outside... brrrr too cold to be out there rite now.

Be sweet my purrty Gemini

Yur boyfriendcat,

Anonymous said...

We're glad to hear that Georgia is doing well.
Mom says she is still thinking about what to get for our secret paws and then we can go shopping. Yay!

Anonymous said...

I love to online shop!! The Lap Lady has to hide her credit card from me.

I'm very glad Georgia has been doing well. I hope the hollistic vet can give you some new ideas, we have a hollistic vet at our practice and everyone really respects his opinion.


Feline Oligarchy said...

Online shopping is fun; since we're not allowed out of the house that way we get to participate. We hope the homeopathic vet can help Georgia feel better. Keep us posted. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie, Charlie and Maggie Fu

Anonymous said...

Meowm and I will purray that something can be done to help Gerogia.

Kukka-Maria said...

Georgia's a strong girl and I am sure the homeopathic vet will do amazing things for her.

We'll keep sending healing vibes her way. We love her so!

(Pssst, Gemini: Chey bought me a car for Christmas. Keep it on the down-low, though, as I think she used your mom's credit card and trouble may be in her near future)

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we finded CASES of Sheba frum PetSmart online that cost less than goin' ta the store an plus they come rite ta our door. online is grate!

lotsa purrs ta Georgia!

Patches & Mittens said...

It musts be hard to have the vet tell you 2 to 6 months. WE are all purraying furry hard and purring for Georgia. I know what it is to be sickly.