Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Georgia got left out!

The snow that is falling on the Big Piney Woods also fell here though not so much. Seattle isn't used to much snow, so the city isn't prepared--only a few plows and sanding trucks. Most schools were closed today. Momma still had a couple of patients so she drove up to her work place. Although her work is closer to the mountain pass and is higher in elevation, there was less snow there than there was here! She said that city is still in King County so they don't really have more plows because that's a county thing so it really surprised her. The mountain towns were all easy to get around in but the flat lands were still icy and snow covered!

The Almost Dad stayed home with us today. He let Georgia out a little before Momma called to say she was on her way home and to be sure she didn't need to stop for something. Anyway Georgia was on the porch when she got home. She was opening her mouth like she was meowing (but no real sound comes up like always) and Momma was gathering her stuff and Georgia was rubbing against the door like she really wanted to go in. She didn't even stop to scratch on the door mat like she does, so she was really ready to come in.

Momma and Georgia yelled at the Almost Dad when he came in. Cheysuli did too. I just asked for a bit of food because I thought that would help Georgia warm up, but Momma said the fire would do that a bit better.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

lefted out in the cold an the snow? how horrybull! GRRRRRRRRRR! (we joined in on the yellin')

Wm. said...

I'm glad she didn't freeze!

Anonymous said...

O dear! I'm glad your Momma got home soon; it sounds awfully cold there!

DEBRA said...

OH NO not leavin Miss Georgia out in the snows?!! Is she OK today? We is furry worried bout Miss Georgia. We're joinin in the yellin too!!!

How is my purrty Gemini today? Brrrrssss it sounds furry furry cold in SEE-at-tale. Momma says it was on the TV box Monday night feetsball and it snowed lots and lots during dat game. Gemini, I fink yu ought to bring Georgia and bisit us down here in Flordia. It is going to be 80 today. I will have Momma takes us to da beach and we can get some nice sunbeams!

Watch ofur Miss Georgia.
Be sweet my Gemini.
Yur boyfriend

The Meezers said...

oh goodness, we is glad that momma gotted home to let her in. Poor old girl. A nice fire and a nice snuggle should have warmed her up good. We is still furry werried 'bout Georgia, so we hopes that there are not 'perkushuns from the cold.

Anonymous said...

Poor Georgia! Why is it moms are the only ones who really understand cats? Snow?? I don't want any of that over here! Its supposed to get cold here next week.


Patches & Mittens said...

We have been watching all the bad weather you guys are getting. WE know you aren't prepared for that sort of thing, so best to stay inside. Daddy has an aunt that lives in Mukilteo. She is older than dirt, so we think she is probably hiding in the house.


Anonymous said...

Poor Georgia! You have snow out there? Wow. I'm glad we don't have snow yet.

Food always helps me warm up. Too bad Momma wouldn't give you any.

Anonymous said...

Shame poor Georgia. Brrrrr.