Thursday, November 09, 2006

Where are the Flood waters?

I had a couple of cats ask me where we were that we were getting flood waters. We live near Seattle on the Eastside. The Snoqualmie River that flows out of Snoqualmie pass flooded and flooded both Fall City and Snoqualmie (which is perhaps named after the river). It wasn't the most noticed flood around here. I think Mt. Vernon got more press but it's a big city and Fall City and Snoqualmie are pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

Momma says if anyone remembers Twin Peaks, they used the Snoqualmie Falls Lodge and the diner with the "Damn Fine Cuppa Coffee" is in North Bend, which is just east of Snoqualmie and about three blocks from her new office.

Her office didn't flood but Momma and her officemates were worried that they roads would be closed and they couldn't get there because they have to cross a river no matter which way they go. Today the roads were back to normal so Momma drove the back roads back to work and she didn't see too much damage but she was driving along the sort of highway (although it wasn't listed on the WAdot site so it's not a big highway). Also, lots of the damage was more on the inside to people's homes.

She said most of the cows (or moo moo's) were back in the pasture and that was good to see.

We live up on a plateau (whatever that is) and so our house wasn't in danger and there aren't any rivers around, just a lake, so that was also good. I guess lakes don't flood like rivers do. Portland flooded too and Momma isn't suprised because they get lots of floods with all the rivers there.

The rain that flooded us is now getting Patches and Mittens and Precious and Mistrie.


The Meezers said...

ooo, mommy saided that she usded to watch that show all the time - and have coffe and cherry pie when it was on.
we is glad that you did not gets all wet. we hopes that the waters go away furry soon.

Kaze said...

I'm very glad that your home is safe. We live by a really big really deep river and if it ever flooded up to our house we'd be in deep trouble. hehehe.... I'm glad to hear things are getting back to normal, floods are really scary things!

Junior said...

I am glad the waters have receded and that you and yours are safe!

Patches & Mittens said...

Yes, we got over 6 inches in two days! Many of our rivers flooded and roads washed out, but we are OK. Daddy's aunt lives in Mukilteo and his cousin in Seattle.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we shure hope all the aminals an people is okay now!

Eric and Flynn said...

Floods is skeery. We sees it on the TV sumtimes. We hope yoo are all right.

Louise said...

Sorry to here that your area was flooded. But all is well now, good lucl to you all. Louise and Nugget