Saturday, November 25, 2006

Chey's a Busy Cat

Cheysuli has been a busy cat. She found squidoo and started making lenses. She made on herself. She also made one on all of us! Oh my! Look, my picture is on here! Of course, you can read more about it on her blog!

I should go over there and make a lens on me and then I could join her group called Cat Bloggers. She said lots of folks that I haven't met before will see me. I wonder if Momma would make a cafepress store just for me? I wonder if anyone would buy anything. I know my handsome Ping would like to, but he could have pictures just 'cause he is a sweet boy.

Still she keeps working and working her little paws to the bone. When will I get time to play on the computer. I want my own!


Anonymous said...

My mom's been checking the site out, but new things confuse her sometimes. I have to help her understand what's going on!

Gemini said...

Oh it confuses Momma too and even Chey. But she does know that if people look at that sort of content then more people will come to our sites and she said that's a good thing. I figure if we meet more kitties that's all good huh?

Ayla said...

The Mom said that one site for me is enough. It's either a blog or nothing. I think that's a bit tyrannical on her part but until I get my own computer, there's nothing I can do.

DEBRA said...

Oh Miss Gemini

You know I would most definitely be the furst kitty in line to buy anyfink you made at Cafepress. Yesterday I made Momma go ofur and get the new calender wif all of our pixchurs, can't wait until it comes!

I had to go check out what Chey had been up to at skidoo. She is a tireless werkerkitty. But, then she would have to be since she's runnin for prezzedent.

I just loves dat pixchur she used of yu on her new site...*big kittysigh*....but den yu knows how much I like lookin at yur pixchurs.

Be sweet my Gemini.
Yur boyfriendcat,

Catzee said...

We jus joined Catster but I don't know anyfing about makin lenses. Does that mean ya can see kitties better??????

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I don't know if Meowmy can help me make a lense right now. She says she has to find time for work somewhere in her day but maybe later in the week she could squeeze in some time.