Friday, August 26, 2005

Cat Training

You may think that this is an article about training a cat. Aren’t you funny? I realize people claim to train cats, but I don’t believe them. Really. This is about the cat training the person.

There I was last night, holding my lamp with one hand, trying to read with the other. Gemini was jumping around trying to catch a moth attracted by the light the lamp was giving out. You may think there was an easier answer, but just the other day Gemini had knocked that very same lamp over. It’s not a beautiful lamp but I am quite fond of it. I didn’t want her doing it again for fear she would break it. So I let her chase the moth.

I could have chased the moth myself and let it out, but it was such a fun and engaging cat toy, so I held the lamp so Gemini wouldn’t knock it over, chasing the moth… You see—I have been trained.

It’s taken her about two months to get to this point in training. I’m sure that’s a record, at least for anything obvious like the lamp. Think what she’ll do by the time she’s ten. I shudder.

I realize that people train dogs. Some of them have problems training their dogs. I think these folks could take a lesson from my cat. I’m sure it’s not just that I’m trainable. Every house cat I’ve ever met has that self satisfied look of having a well trained owner.


Satin Jenni said...

I have always enjoyed the company of cats.
I can't imagine not having a cat.
Not the usual for guy.

Rosslee said...

If you get a pup, I bet your cat will train it!

Such as with my cat, he had trained my dog when he was a pup to use the cat box while we were trying to trained him to go to that special spot out in the yard and not in the house.

Well that was three years ago, and today my dog still uses the cat box and refuses to go outside, and as for the cat? Well he forgotten to teach the dog how to buried his mess in the box.