Monday, August 22, 2005

Shoe lace helper

I was tying my shoes this evening to go on my walk. I put on each shoe and then sat there and proceeded to tie the first bow and then moved to the other. I was stopped short when I realized that a kitten was attached by her mouth to the second lace and was not planning on letting go.

A look of both joy and pride was on her face, as well as a hint of mischieviousness. How on earth could I just take that out of her mouth when she had hunted it and captured it right under my nose? I left it be hers for a moment, realizing as I did so that she will only be this age once and that all too soon shoe laces will hold less interest for her than they do now. She may play with them again but soon enough I will have to entice her to hunt them.

I rolled her over on her back and let her kick at my hand for a moment while extricating my lace and tying my shoes. She had to help of course and I continued to play with her while she did that. There is something so happy about this young cat that it's infectious. However, my walk couldn't wait forever and exercising a kitten isn't very aerobic for me, so off I went. Oh she's back already while I write this. The letters on the monitor are equally fascinating.

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