Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kitten Breath

Everyone says they hate the smell of their cat's breath. Cats do have a strong odor in their mouth and it seems like Gemini's is particularly strong. She can sit on my lap and yawn and I can smell her breath. I read somewhere were carnivores smelled more than vegetarians. This was speaking about animals and general and not just humans. Anyway I think it had something to do with the process by which the body breaks down the proteins? But it makes me wonder about why one cat's breath would smell stronger than another?

I don't have an answer. Gemini just yawned in my face and I was noticing that her breath smelled a lot. Usually that means there is some tooth decay but she's far too young and her teeth were fine a few weeks ago. It can't be diet because my older cat's breath is not that strong and they eat the same things. Really though, I have to admit I don't mind the smell. I kind of like it. It reminds me of kitten kisses on the nose. It reminds me of happy times of going ew ick when the cat of my childhood would yawn in my face. It reminds me of a lot of happy times so even though the smell is decidedly strong, it is no longer particularly offensive.

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