Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Happy kittens

Are all kittens so happy? Gemini seems a distinctly happy cat. Pet her and she purrs. She has settled down enough so that every time you move, she doesn't attack so now when you rub her ears she sits there and purrs and even drools a bit. I so hate it when my cats drool, yet so many of them seem to.

Her eyes convey happiness as well. They are alert and interested and even when she runs from people which do scare her, she never seems unhappy. She is always curious and there is joy in her movements. Everything is fun right now. I think even when she hides behind the plant from strangers she is actually having fun. Watching the other cat is fun. Pouncing on the other cat and getting swatted back is fun. Falling off the bed seems to be quite fun the way she races right back to do it again.

I don't remember if my other cats were that happy. My older cats weren't. My calico cat always seems to have an air of resignation about her, though she can still get excited about a cat toy and start running around. She doesn't have the same level of single minded joy. I don't recall my last kitten having that either, but perhaps I was too young to really appreciate what a gift it is to watch a kitten be joyful.

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