Friday, August 12, 2005

How I found her

I found this cat two days after loosing the second of an elder bonded pair of cats. I heard this mewing throughout the night but couldn't find the kitten that was making the sound. My last elder cat and I convinced ourselves that someone else in our condominium complex must have gotten a tiny kitten and it was an echo. I felt comfortable doing only so much wandering around at night to find her!

The following day, during my lunch break I searched around again. At the far end of my building, I heard the mew as I approached. Looking that way I saw a tiny pair of eyes looking at me from under a fence and then as I approached it scampered away. It cornered itself in the square of the turn of our fence and I picked it up. It was filthy and covered in leaves. It was also terrified of me. Her legs were so tiny, I didn't think she was much more than 4 months old.

I took her home and locked her in my bathroom while I got some newspaper to make a small litter box and gave her some food and water. She was too sacred to eat much and it was only a couple of hours later when I tempted her with some food on my finger that she finally got the idea that there was something to eat. And eat she did. She about took my finger off before I had managed to lure her to eat out of the dish. Her short front legs couldn't quite get over the side of the soup bowl that held her food and she crawled right in and at perhaps half a can. I removed it so she wouldn't over eat and make herself sick.

It was a Friday and I immediately called my veterinarian for an appointment. Upon reaching the clinic, she was leukemia tested and found to be negative. My vet thought that based on her weight she was closer to six weeks, but I maintain that the proportion of leg to body that she was a week younger... I'd have never thought that the tiny cat with the big voice would become such a love and a terror as she grew into my household!

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