Saturday, August 27, 2005

Catnip Tea

My little baby cat, my sweet baby cat may already have a drug problem. Yes, it's the horror every parent faces and we certainly don't expect it so young, but this cat is precocious... Gemini has taken to having a fondness for catnip tea.

You see she has several favorite catnip mice and she has taken to dropping them in the water dish and leaving them there. I can't imagine what else she is doing but trying to taste the catnip a bit more. Most of her mice, are of course, hand me downs from other cats. My elder cat is probably getting far more catnip than is good for her. It does occur to me that this could be an attempt to get rid of the other cat or to make her too sleepy to fight back when she is pounced on.

Still, catnip mice just don't feel good when they have been floating in a dish of water for 8 hours. I can't imagine they are fun to play with or pick up in your mouth either, but if I got back a few minutes later, they are usually right back in the dish. I can only conclude that this is an addiction problem.

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