Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Growing Up Kitten

Kittens grow up so fast. You figure at seven months they look almost full grown. Their bodies have not quite filled out but they look like the cat that will live with you for the next ten to twenty years. Even at four and half months when they stop playing long enough to nap, they sprawl like the cat they will become and wear an expression on their face that foreshadows the cat they will become.

An instant later, now having the extra connection to an audience they will jump up and run around the house, attacking anything in their way. Gemini is so funny like that. If you look at her, or pet her, it is still like an invitation to play! She still has her big round kitten eyes that are not quite cat eyes and they mirror only fascination with the world. What moves? What needs to be pounced on?

It’s such an interesting age to watch them be cats for a few moments and then back to kittens again in the space of s second. Of course, they still have those sharp little kitten teeth and those sharp little kitten claws that seem to grow more rapidly than any other part of their body and those are things I won’t miss so much. Another three months perhaps? I wonder what she’ll look like then?

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