Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cat Exercises

Okay cats don't need to do exercise. They are naturally way more flexible than any human I have ever seen. Mine at least go running around like crazy and never even get winded.

Gemini loves it when I work out on the floor. She likes to play with my hair when I do sit ups. She likes to bat at my feet while I do leg lifts. She was appalled the day I picked her up while I did my situps, using her as a mini weight ball! She's never come quite that close again. I still feel kitten toes in my hair, but she'll run if I try and reach out and grab her during this particular phase of the work out.

This silly kitten also likes to prance across the top of the Nordic Trak while I walk. I worry that she'll fall off but she never does.

I wonder if she wonders why exactly I am doing this stuff with my body. Does it occur to her while I do my wall sits that there is no chair and this is an odd thing for a person to do? Does she think I look silly doing my leg lifts or does she just think it's a normal thing that I, as a much larger, creature do when I have the urge?

I wonder...

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