Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Later Evening

I miss my cats.

I hate being this cat woman who misses her cats even on short absences!

I had a late doings at work tonight. I got home about 8 PM which is late for me and I am off to work early in the morning again tomorrow, which is normally a day off I take mid week. I feel like I missed something at not having my usual down time to spend with the cats surrouding me, on my lap at the computer and on the desk next to me and at my feet. I feel like I missed something in not being able to sit with them in front of the television as they purr when I pet them.

We still have some time later on for a meditation when they will curl up around me and try and distract me from my task at hand. There will be other nights but when I get home I am always surprised at how much I missed having the time to just be and be with them.

My cats are my best teachers of being mindful.

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