Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cat Healing

I am always amazed at animals when it comes to illness and pain. Watching pets that are chronically ill, there is a sense that even though they are in pain, their suffering is not our suffering. They are with the moment. Some moments there is pain but at others there is relief. They don't sit there and worry about the upcoming pain. It's a marvelous gift and one that I would wish on all human kind.

Gemini reminds me of this, when less than a week after her spay she leaps to the high dresser in my bedroom. I'd rather she didn't leap there at any time but she does. A spay is basically a totaly hysterectomy. I think any woman who had one would be thrilled to accomplish the equivalent athletic feat within a week of that surgery!

Gemini continues to be well. There is not extra swelling of her scar area and it stay clean. She is as active as ever and as curious. Cats are amazing sometimes.

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