Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm a worrier

I set up Gemini's appointment to be spayed yesterday. It's not until next week. I've seen hundreds of these done in my years a veterinary receptionist. I know that almost inevitably they go well. Occassionally there's a little swelling at the site and even more rarely there might be a slight fever. In the all the time I worked for the vet, we never lost a cat to a spay.

I worry though. What if Gemini is the one? What if, while I am gone, her scar swells and I manage not to notice it and she rips all her sutures out and bleeds to death in the time I am gone. She is a feisty cat. She could do some serious ripping. What if there's a mistake at the vet and they do the wrong proceedure on her?

Then of course, there is Chey. Chey is finally starting to settle in. What is she going to think when I take Gemini off in a carrier and don't bring her home for over 24 hours? How will she react? Will she be worried that her new best pal is gone for all that time? Will she be depressed? Will she hate me?

What if something does happen to Gemini? How will Chey ever forgive me?

I know that these are all silly things to worry about. Chey will be fine after Gemini comes back. If she doesn't eat for a day, it won't hurt her. I doubt Miss Piggy will give up food but you never know. Most likely she will rejoice that she's not the one in the carrier as I take Gemini in. Gemini, for her part will no doubt find the whole thing an adventure and have many cat tales to tell when she returns home.

Still I will worry.

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