Thursday, October 13, 2005

Gemini Returns

She's home! Yeah. What a sweet cat. She's been purring at me all day. Her incision looks good and she washes it but not too much, so that's a good thing. It' s not bothering her too much.

Gemini is such a funny cat. I was laying on the sofa with a book and she decided to come lay on me. I petted her a bit. She purred. I stopped and she continued to purr for awhile before settling down. Chey came up and sat with us, so I petted her. Gemini began to purr. Chey decided to leave, so I stopped petting her. Gemini stopped purring.

I petted Gemini. Purr. I stop. Purr stops. Chey returns. I pet her. Gemini purrs. I stop petting Chey. Gemini stops purring. Chey leaves. I decide to test the theory that she purrs no matter who I pet. I run my hand over my stomach like I am petting it. Gemini attacks my hand.

Apparently she purrs only when I pet cats (any cat)...

Still she's doing well post spay and I am happy about that. As she can still pounce, everything must feel pretty okay.

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