Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Spa (y) Day

Gemini had her spa day, as they say at the vet. She went in this morning to be spayed. She'll stay overnight and I can pick her up after 10 in the morning. She loves to get going about 6 AM. Thursday is my day off so I am looking forward to sleeping in. I hope that the other cats understand that.

The technician called me about 2 PM this afternoon to say that she was waking up and doing well. They trimmed up the fur on her behind so that she's less likely to create an embarrassing mess. The tech hated to do it because she said her fur is so pretty back there but it can also be so messy.

We'll see how active the little cat is when she gets home. However Mom is happy that she's doing well so far, but of course I still worry that something could happen.

Georgia and Chey seem to be doing fine without their little cat and that surprises me. I wonder what they will do when she returns tomorrow. I've just realized how much she does rule the house--including the other cats!

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