Friday, October 14, 2005

Cat Terms

There are a lot of amusing terms out there that people use to describe different things about their cats.

I have used
meatloaf position
making bread

I have heard
playing the cello.

I find these terms amusing because they have such wonderful picturesque value.

Meatloaf position: remember the Kliban Cats and the comment that says how much a cat resembles a meatloaf? They do when they tuck their paws under them and are sitting there watching something

Making Bread: Usually I heard this as a child as kneading their paws. It's when they move their toes out and in and look very happy. I love this term! I was at a cat show and heard the judge comment on one of the most obviously happy kittens I'd ever seen say, "Look at all that bread you're making!" as she kneaded away while he stroked her back.

Playing the Cello. I haven't used this term. I read it in a novel where the woman says her cat is playing the cello while he licks his behind! I think it's funny but I have never had cause to use it. And Gemini doesn't do that. She sticks BOTH legs up and leans forward. I'm not sure what she's doing there? Maybe trying out for the Village People and YMCA upside down?

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