Monday, October 10, 2005

The New Cat Toy

I am cheap, I admit it. I've put off getting on of those automatic litter boxes for about two years now. I finally went ahead and did it. I have friends who say they're wonderful. They recommended the large size as the inside of the box is rather small on the regular. The mega sized has a normal sized inside.

I have it in the area of my secondary litter box and plan to switch with the main one in a week or so.

Gemini finds this fascinating. Chey is a little worried about it. Chey typically uses the secondary cat box and she did not use it last night. I *think* (hope) that she used the main litter box or else did not have to go. I'll be watching this. She was definitely worried when Gemini used the box and the rake started moving around the box. She didn't run from it, but was very worried.

Gemini found it so fascinating, she jumped back in the box after the rake finished, thus setting off another cycle so that the rake would move again about 10 minutes later, though there was nothing to clean up. I am not sure how many times during the day she did this while I was working. She was snoozing by it as I left. I think she quite enjoys the movement and hasn't figured out exactly how to attack the rake. I hope she doesn't try but it is amusing to watch her watch the movement and puzzle it out!

As an aside, I have heard from cat owner friends that their cats, too, find the automatic movement of the rake fascinating enough to enter the litter box simply for the purposes of setting it off. If I were using the batteries (as I will need to once I move it to the main litter box area) this particular feature of the box could become a problem. I hope that the novelty wears off and it becomes just another litter box to them.

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