Sunday, November 27, 2005

Strange tastes

So, all weekend Gemini ignored the turkey and trimmings. It's amazing to me though, that Chey, the skinny Siamese that she is, continues to be skinny considering how she ate.

As both Chey and Gemini are new to the household this season, I decided to put up the artificial tree early to see what they did. I was worried they would try and climb it. Chey has batted some branches and limbs. She also seems to be under the impression that if she sits behind the pole that holds up the tree we can't see her. She's thin, but not that thin.

Gemini, well, Gemini likes to chew on the tree. This is from a cat that won't eat turkey or anything that I eat (except for the occassional green vegetable). I'm not sure why but she's enjoying that. I am hoping there is nothing that she can inadvertently swallow and do damage to herself and I also hope that as I decorate the tree she starts learning to not chew on the branches.

She is an odd little cat sometimes.

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