Monday, November 21, 2005

Non Gemini Cat Stuff

Neither thing today involved Gemini.

First, I'd like to point out that Gemini's Adventures is getting a little press from a very unlikely source. Fc over at fatcat politics asked to use that photo of Iggy that I posted about a week ago. Now Iggy is watching over some quick searches.

Now the other cat... Cheysuli managed to rip off a large piece of her skin this weekend. I got to rush her into the emergency clinic as it looked horrible. Fortunately it was just scraped off and they bandaged it and put some sort of biodressing on it to keep it covered. She hated her flourescent pink bandage on her hind leg but it stayed on the 48 hours they recommended. We are currently taking a break from changing the dressing.... Yeah... break. It's been all that that implies, eh?

She started howling just by being closed in a room with me. I even took the dressing off and ignored her for awhile but she didn't want that and she is a stubborn girl so she wasn't about to think that this was an okay thing. I am evil for messing with that foot. Well she should just wait until I put the bandage back on... Lucky her. Or maybe it's lucky me.

Gemini's thoughts? She really has no thoughts on Ig's photo getting used. She knows she's much too cute to key an eye on anything political and she's very glad it's not her foot, but bright pink makes a great eye catching cat toy...

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