Monday, November 28, 2005

One Down..

So one major winter holiday down and one more to go. Gemini was a great kitten during the holidays. Unlike my other cat who shall not be named (but she is a Siamese), Gemini can be trusted to not jump on tables and eat all the food off of them. She can be trusted when the butter is left out to not decide it's a treat. She rarely jumps on the counter, unless the birds and squirrels are playing outside the kitchen window and she wants a closer look. When she does this if you say something, she listens..

Chey on the other hand... well just say I was worried I'd take my eyes off the turkey and it would disappear.

As for Georgia.. she's a pretty good cat about food. If it falls on the floor she'll eat it but she doesn't dig in when you have your plate in front of you. I like that in a cat.

Now what to buy them for the Holiday...

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