Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The bandage lasted 24 hours

So yesterday I rebandaged Chey's foot and she kept the bandage on for about 24 hours. This was 12 hours longer than I had anticipated. It looked as if for the last couple she was dragging around large portions of it behind her and Gemini found that amusing. A cat with a trail of bandages hanging off it's back leg was probably too tempting for words.

Chey, for her part, seems to be feeling well and spry and seemed to enjoy being chased, so long as it wasn't me. When I was chasing her, she just ran. I think she as afraid that I had medicine (I often did) or that I wanted to mess with her paw (and I did).

Hopefully in the next few days she'll start forgiving me for this horrible affair, that is some how my fault. Allow me to point out that I did not injure her foot and have no idea how she did it. Still, from Chey's point of view, this is my fault.

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