Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Like I Never Left

Well it's rather as if I never left at all. The cats are acting as they always did. Gemini purrs at me in the early morning to try and wake me up. Chey continues to thrash by my side, rolling around and purring loudly if I acknowledge her rolling... Georgia stays off the bed in the mornings now and I find her on the floor where she can watch the antics and has a good head start on the youngsters.

It is nice to be back to be watched in the morning by large kitten eyes. The longer I look at Gemini the greater the tilt of her head as she ponders what I am thinking. At least that's what I attribute to her. She may be thinking, why do those large creatures have such a funny thing sticking out of the front of their face?

Still, they are working hard on stealing my food, curling up in my space on the chair and keeping me from any privacy. It's like I never left at all!

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