Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cat Toys

Cats hate toys that are purchased for them, with a few exceptions. Mostly if I buy something for one of the cats, they ignore it. However this weekend I purchased and earring holder for myself and before you knew it, Gemini was up there batting at my dangling earrings. The holder was on a wall and there was a chair under it so that she could just about reach. I had to rearrange how things were set up so that she would be unable to play with this new cat toy.

I have several toys that none of the cats play with and they are usually the most expensive. However, those silly little balls that are colored foil? Those are fun. They are always disappearing. Cat Dancers are fun. Those silly things on a wire with about three pieces of rolled up brown paper at one end? Yes those. My cats have always loved them. Finally the best cat toy? The feather toy. Just a stick with some feathers on top. We watched the cats enjoying them at a cat show, when I was interviewing breeders before I found Chey. We got one and it's been destroyed. We are now on the second. Like the cat dancer, this is a toy that must be hidden when not in use as the cats will just shred it.

I wonder why certain toys attrack them so much while others, that look just as interesting hold no particular thrill?


The Complimenting Commenter said...

That is such a true post. It's always your stuff, or the cheap stuff, that they like the most. The simpler the better. I had a cat that loved the twist ties from bread containers. She would always swing away at it. Great blog.

Bonnie said...

Thank you again for the compliment. I wandered over to your blog and I will have to feature a positive blog like that on my other work. What a great thing to spread that sort of good will!