Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cat differences

We all know cats are as different from one another as people but it's funny sometimes to notice these differences. Of my three, Georgia, my eldest is fairly round and slightly over plump. She's definitely the boss of the place and will take on any cat who threatens her authority. She's fairly friendly but not too much so. She does enjoy a good round of play time, but she's old enough to enjoy a nice comfortable nap even more.

Gemini is the kitten, of course. She still runs and plays and jumps like all kittens. Her paws, though, have outsized Georgia's nice fluffy paws and Chey's delicate Siamese toes. She's going to be a big cat. She screams when she doesn't get what she wants and anything that moves is about play. She is just learning what a nap is. She's not as coordinated as the other two but she's still learning. Nothing is beyond her to try at least once.

Cheysuli, the Siamese has a more delicate body shape. She'll end up being the shortest cat, but with a longer body length from nape of the neck to base of the tail than Georgia. She's lithe and she moves like the crack of a whip. She's also young enough to prefer play time to nap time and her movements are the conserved, exact movements of a martial artist. She is no doubt my black belt cat!

As she grows up and gets her full body growth, which I think will be larger than Georgia and Chey both, I wonder how Gemini will react to these too different adult cat mentors and who she will try and emulate most?

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