Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm late

This weekend I was gone overnight. Gemini greeted me at the door standing there with a look on her face that suggested if she had arms, she'd have them crossed and if she knew how to tap a foot she would.

She's taken to walking around the house like that sometimes. I see her checking on me, on the other cats, on the food. She walks around as if she is the boss and it makes me want to laugh. If she doesn't like something, she meows loudly. Sometimes she is pleased with me and mews and puts her paws on my lap before jumping on me.

Early in the morning shortly before the alarm goes off, she does that in the bed, but she's usually standing on my chest. She tickles my face until I open an eye to see what's happening and then the purr begins. This goes on until I head downstairs to feed her and the other cats. As soon as we get to the kitchen, she goes about her bossy business to make sure I do it right.

I hope this is a phase and not a permanent part of her personality. I really don't need someone going behind me to make sure what I do, I do correctly and to their satisfaction. It's praticularly difficult when you aren't sure what (if anything) will satisfy a cat.

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