Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Icky stuff

Gemini is a lovely cat. Her fur usually is fairly smooth across her back and you notice that she's a longer furred cat mostly when she walks away. Then you can see from behind all the fur that sticks out behind her and around her legs. It's quite pretty with her billowing squirrel tail hovering above. I call it her fancy pants. I've been lucky. One reason I like shorter haired cats is because you don't have the problems with their fur like longer haired cats. Gemini's long fur is in the right position to be a problem..

Yes, those fellow cat owners with long haired beauties know where I'm going. The ick. The fecal mat. Being the cat that she is, Gemini got a fecal mat at about 10:30 PM last night. I was up because I was watching the Amazing Race, one of my few television addictions. Mostly I am online now. Anyway, she seemed to be paying unusual attention to her bottom and began scooting across the floor. I got a tissue and attemtped to pull--but that didn't help as she had already smashed fecal matter into her fur.

This cat, by the way was amazingly patient. I found an old pair of scissors and got most of it out. However she still stunk. So she got a half bath--which she wiggled through and didn't like but was actually quite easy to bathe. Still she stunk. We started wiping her behind with tissues to see if we couldn't wipe off, as everything seemed to be gone. After this I could still smell her and she continued to smell bad and she wanted to be in the bed... as now it was after 11 and I was trying to get to bed.

We went back to the scissors and started cutting more fur around her bottom. She disliked this. In fact this was the only time she started growling at me was when I continued to cut around her fur. She was up on her feet and I know I wasn't poking her or cutting anything other than hair but still she disliked this grooming thing in the middle of the night. Still after cutting off some more hair that looked strange, she stopped smelling so badly and I let her be.

She immediately began playing with the Siamese and ignoring me. When she woke me with her purr this morning, she no longer smelled.. The joy of having a longer furred cat...

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