Thursday, September 01, 2005

Stealth Kitten

Gemini is at any age where she loves to hide and then attack. It's not very dramatic when a blanket comes at you with a large lump under it, but she seems to think she is hidden. I have to wonder what she's pretending when she does that. Do cats pretend?

The thing that got me the other day was when I was reclining on the sofa--okay I was laying there on my back thinking I would take a nap. I heard her behind the sofa. Then I thought it sounded like she had climbed under the sofa. She still does that. Then something started grabbing at my leg. It was like a sharp kitten claw. I was thinking, she couldn't be attacking me from under there could she? Sticking my fingers (a dangerous thing I realize) into the sofa, I felt a nose and then heard a purr and then was attacked with a nice sharp set of claws... Yes, I confirmed I was being attacked from below.

Most people would either yell or move somewhere else. I laid there and thought, you know in a few years, I'll be able to take a nap on the sofa again...

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