Friday, September 16, 2005

A New Cat

With the new Siamese, Chey, I have tried doing what all the major cat sites and books say. It keeps being suggested that I isolate her and then let her create her own safe territory before introducing the other cats. Well she spent most the first several days terrified, except for the short introduction to my little ambassador. However, a couple of days ago she actually let me pet her and started purring and rolling on the floor. I thought great. NOW is when I let her create territory. Except for my presence, she was alone for a full day carving out her territory.

The next day, Wednesday, Gemini howlered outside the door and so I went to spend time with her. No sooner have I opened the door and Gemini peeked in, then this Siamese gives this sweet little chirp and runs over to greet the kitten! She was prancing around and rolling around and purring as hard as she could Gemimi was a bit taken aback and still isn't sure what to do about this cat. I have figured out that Chey really only needs a safe haven from me, rather than the other cats.

I have to say,thinking back on this, leave it to me to try and do the right thing with just the wrong cat!

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