Monday, September 19, 2005

Meat Loaf position

The meat loaf position is, of course, a technical term. I used it when I worked for the vet. Most techs very appropriately said "sternal". I yelled back one day when they asked me how a cat was doing and I quickly said good, he's in the meatloaf position. They said great. He's ready to go home and then the two techs holding a dog talking to me looked at each other and laughed because they both knew exactly what I meant.

I thought of that this afternoon as I caught Gemini in the meatloaf position. I think this is the first time. It's not that kittens don't do the sternal position. They just rarely sit still long enough to curl their paws under them and sit there. They are mostly actively playing or they're sleeping. There are no in betweens.

Today my baby grew up and was a meatloaf.

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Nancyrowina said...

My Gizmo is big now, but tries to cram herself in small spaces, I will have to get some pictures of her doing this for my blog, it looks funny.