Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Running Around

Chey and Gemini have discovered each other. Gemini has discovered a young adult cat who has more athletic ability and energy than most people would think possible. Chey has discovered a hyperactive youngster who can keep up. It's a match made in heaven--for them. It might be made elsewhere for the rest of us.

I have two scratches on my arm where a cat ran across me as I was reading and then when I was working at the computer.

It's amusing to watch sometimes. Gemini likes to stop suddenly. One time Chey almost plowed into her and she fell over the stopped kitten. She did land on the kitten, so I am not sure Gemini liked that. Another time, Gemini stopped and Chey managed to go around her but was halfway across the room before she could turn around to see that she wasn't chasing anything any more...

So far nothing has been destroyed and they both seem happy. Oh and Georgia, my older cat only looks annoyed when they decide to run around the area where she's trying to nap. Well, she's 15! You can't expect her to keep up with the kids, can you?


Nancyrowina said...

I can't have anything on my window sills or any shelf low enough for the cats to jump on anymore, because they would get knocked off and broken.
It's weird how cats are so sedantry, even asleep most of their lives, then suddenly every so often they wake up and run around like maniacs.

Bonnie said...

If I had a shelf high enough so the cats couldn't get there, I couldn't see it... they are quite creative when they jump, aren't they?

cube said...

I know. I think they sleep so much just to have plenty of energy stored up for those freak out moments.