Monday, September 12, 2005

My Little Ambassador

Gemini must make a very good ambassador. Since her first visit with her new companion Chey, a lovely frightened chocolate point Siamese, Chey has begun to eat. She is still not happy about her change in circumstances but she seems to be relaxing. It's funny to watch her completely ignore me but put Gemini in the room and her ears go forward and she starts watching what's going on out there!

I've even allowed Georgia in (yes, the G names. It wasn't intentional. In fact Gemini was one of the few cats I ever actually got to name!) and she has pretty much ignored Chey. I suppose this is what happens when a cat is so obviously terrified that she isn't even on the radar.

Still Chey is now eating and eating quite a lot. She is also willing to look out at me rather than just show me her behind, as cats do when they really aren't pleased with you. It's only the second full day of her new home, so I have hopes that soon she'll be talking to me and sitting on me. As Gemini has the potential to be a cuddler, I am also hopeful that this cat will let her cuddle as well. Georgia, alas, is not a cuddler--at least not with other cats.

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