Thursday, September 15, 2005

Cats Fighting

It used to be that Gemini would attack Georgia and Georgia would turn around and wave a paw and Gemini would fall over on her back. Georgia would sit there and hold her down, looking bored. In the last couple of months, this paw waving from Georgia has required a bit more work. Gradually you could see her putting more effort into knocking the kitten over.

Lately, I've noticed that Georgia has had to look interested in the fights while holding Gemini down. Gone is the baby cat that she could push around so easily. This past weekend for the first time, I saw Gemini knock Georgia over on her side for a moment. Georgia got right back up and then Gemini paid the price for such a feat. Last night, the kitten knocked her over again and it took a moment longer for Georgia to extricate herself and pin Gemini back to the floor.

I worry a bit that my 15 year old will end up being beaten by this younger cat. She's waited for so long to be the head cat, that I'd hate to see the younger one usurp the place that she should have by rights of seniority--both in age and length of living with me. Still, I watch the two and know that this younger cat has brought out a playful side in Georgia that I haven't seen in years. I regret a bit that I didn't get a kitten for my other older cat as well.

I realize I shouldn't worry. Chey, the Siamese will be ready to play soon enough. Gemini bullied her way into the office past me this morning and Chey even chirped at the younger cat and was happier than I've ever seen her. I suspect she'll make a great companion and take the fighting kitten in stride.

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