Sunday, September 18, 2005

Making the Bed

I've heard people sound amazed that their cat can hear a can opener a mile away. I'm not surprised. Cats have great hearing. What does surprise me is that even cats who don't get canned food come running. Why do you suppose they come running?

What also amazes me is that cats always know when you make the bed. They can be asleep any where in the house, but go upstairs to the bedroom and start to make the bed and suddenly there's a cat in the middle. Gemini is particularly bad about this. She loves to suddenly appear and be under the covers (she climbs up the side of the bed) and starts attacking any movement.

I have to wonder what sound she hears to know that I am about to start this wonderful game?


The Phoenix said...

I guess you love cats

cube said...

I think they think you're playing with them when you make the bed. It's the same with sweeping. My cat swats at the broom until I chase her off.